UX Prototype​, Group Project
The University of Florida
Jan 2020-May 2020
My Role:
  • Worked in a team to brainstorm ideas for an app similar to Behance.
  • Conducted user research to understand our user's needs and wants.
  • Created user storyboards, user personas, and participated in other design thinking activities to create app prototype.
Rainbow Restaurant Rush​
PC Game Application​, Group Project
The University of Florida
Jan 2020-May 2020​
My Role:
  • Collaborated with a team of 5 artists and 3 programmers to create a first person mobile game.

  • Worked with artist to come up with character sketches and ideas.

  • Worked with programmers to create C# scripts that would control the user's camera, the in-game characters, score, lives, etc.

  • Interfaced those script with Unity 3D.

Training Simulator, PC Application
The Walt Disney Company
Jan-Jun 2019​

My Role:

  • Interfaced 3D models with a ride simulation by writing and debugging C# scripts.

  • Converted high-poly Building Information Modeling (BIM) models to low-poly models.

  • Created game-ready models with accurate measurements from documentation.

  • Optimized game engine performance by implementing light baking and occlusion culling. 

  • Participated in Agile design process, executed user testing sessions, and had biweekly meetings with customer.

  • Added Virtual Reality compatibility to existing simulation.

Rise of the Resistance
(Because of the nature of this project, I cannot share more details or screenshots)
Rising Sea Levels​
Virtual Reality Experience​, Group
The University of Florida
Oct-Dec 2018​
My Role:
  • Sourced and created low-poly 3D models.

  • Organized bi-weekly meeting with our clients.

  • Integrated environment in Unity with Oculus Go.

  • Applied interactive elements with Ray-casting from Oculus Go's controller.

Carbon Steps
Virtual Reality Experience, Individual
The University of Florida
Aug-Oct 2019​
My Role:
  • Sourced and created low-poly 3D models.

  • Created scripts for movements and interaction.

  • Created interactive UI bar that reacts to your activity in the environment.

Augmented Reality App​lication
Roitberg Research Group, The University of Florida
Jun-Jul 2018
  • Created basic models to represent molecular geometry.

  • Wrote C# scripts that caused the molecules to interact with each other and change molecular structure.